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    ABOUT SPACE Vacuum Bags for Clothes (5 Pcs) Reusable Storage Bags with Electric & Hand Pump

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    <P>ABOUT SPACE super saver vacuum pumps compress 80% of your clothes making space for extra storage.</P> <P>-Comes with a high-quality inflatable compact, travel-friendly electric pump which helps create suction with current.</P> <P>-These bags help you store hefty items and seasonal goods accordingly.</P> <P>-Woollen clothes can be kept free of bugs and odour, and perfectly in condition.</P> <P>-The triple-seal formula helps to prevent microbes, zero air passage.</P> <P>-Maximizes your space making travel and organizing a stress-free job.</P> <P>-Comes with a double-seal zip to ensure that the items in the bag stay crisp and compact.</P> <P>-Shrinks blankets and quilts to 80% and clothes and other goods to 60%. </P> <P>-Comes in a bundle of five: 2 Small (40 x 60 cm) 2 Medium (50 x 70 cm) 1 Large (60 x 80 cm).</P>