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    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Simply Opt-in within 15 days of Purchase

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    Assured Money-Back Guarantee
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    Terms and Conditions Apply*

    Items will be refunded only when opted for money back guarantee within 15 days of purchase.  

    Order ID & Contact Details Mandatory 

    Refund applicable if you are not happy with your purchase, product is damaged or defective and you want a refund within 30 days of usage. 

    Freebies are under About Space's discretion and may change from time to time. About Space has the right to alter or stop the money back guarantee on our own discretion.  

    Assured Freebies & Money Back Guarantee

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    1. What is Money Back Guarantee?
      In cases where you are not satisfied with your purchase after a month of usage, we offer an assured money back guarantee to you.
    2. How do I register?
      Simply opt-in using the button 'I want Guarantee' above. It will ask for your contact information and your Amazon Order ID to verify your purchase. 
    3. Why should I register?
      By registering, you will be able to claim your refund DIRECTLY from us. You will also receive a Free Gift from us in return. 
    4. What is the Free Gift?
      The Freebies are our way of showing gratitide for your loyalty. We will keep changing the freebies every now and then. It will come to you by post to your mentioned address. 

      The first freebie is an undated mini thoughts organizer
    5. How can I get by Money Back after 30 days?
      If you have opted for guarantee, and you want to receive a refund, simply contact our customer care +91-9597433354 or send us an email at