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    The Rise of Scandinavian Minimalist Home Interior Design

    The Rise of Scandinavian Minimalist Home Interior Design

    One of the most trending Home Décor Themes over the past year is the Scandinavian Minimalist theme. The items, colors, and accessories that come from Scandinavian minimalism have shaped multiple homes and spaces, influencing moods, vibes, and movements of culture.

    Scandinavian Design

    Scandinavian Design is a design movement that is characterized by simplicity and functionality that started in the early 20th century and flourished in Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. It has gained traction in recent years as a representative of clean aesthetic interiors and spaces. 

    Some of the Foundational elements of Scandinavian Design are


    One of the most popular elements of Scandinavian design is the use of multi-functional pieces in your interiors. Using multi-purpose furniture to save storage space has greatly highlighted the advantage of having Scandi design in a home.


    ‘Hygge’ is a Nordic concept of living that emphasizes coziness. It means cozy togetherness. It represents the principle of Scandinavian Design to bring forth comfort and friendliness above all else. It is to make Scandinavian spaces the places to be to take part in social interaction and facilitate casual activities.

    nordic vases

    Modern Shapes

    One of the most prevalent design elements incorporated into Scandinavian spaces is the use of clean lines and curves, either with geometric shapes or irregular shapes.

    Introducing Contrast

    The function of contrast is to introduce depth and interest into interiors. The contrast can appear as hard/soft colors, light/dark areas, and even providing contrast through using old, traditional décor items along with new, modern décor items. To make contrast stand out, you can use large items such as furniture to feature contrast in your rooms.

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    Strong Colors

    The colors present in Scandinavian design are usually of a neutral tone, but as of late, there has been an increase in the use of stronger colors, blocks of bolder hues, etc. This accentuates the presence of contrast in the Scandinavian style even further.

    aboutspace cube shelf

    Incorporating Nature

    The introduction of nature into a home’s design was previously thought of as just a gimmick, as the prevalent design themes at the time encouraged keeping green spaces to the outside and not bringing it into your rooms. The use of nature is embraced in Scandinavian design by incorporating green spaces, allowing natural light to illuminate rooms, and using natural vignettes and wood sculptures to make the space feel like having a connection with nature.

    High-Quality Craftsmanship

    Scandi design involves the use of good-quality materials and items. Scandi décor makes use of naturally strong materials to make durable items. There are no materials sourced that are imitations of the actual thing. 

    Minimalist Design

    Minimalist Designs incorporate the use of industrial materials to create geometric forms in flowing, open spaces favoring white and black color schemes. Minimalism is generally a way of life that preaches the practice of stripping things down to the most essential form. It promotes simplicity and function.

    Over the last few years, however, minimalism has become softer and less abrasive with the ideology and has included adding various textures and cozy aspects. The minimalist aesthetic has influences tied to traditional Japanese design, particularly in the clean lines and open flow of movement throughout the home.

    minimalist style

    Some of the foundational elements of Minimalist design are

    Stripping down to the Bare Essentials

    The minimalist approach to home interior design incorporates an open plan layout, with no excessive decoration or ornamentation. It uses light, beautiful materials to create a feeling of freedom and relaxation. The few detailed pieces that do get used are made sure to be simple and they are made to blend harmoniously into the rest of the setting. These can be a singular painting or a vase with either pampas grass or a low amount of flowers.

    Maintaining a Clean Aesthetic

    Minimalist décor, furniture, and design focus on the functionality and practicality of those items. The clean aesthetic brought forth by minimalist design emphasizes each item by just using flat, smooth surfaces and strong, uninterrupted lines. There are no items or furnishings that are highly detailed. The focus of the décor is on the purity and simplicity of the shape and form. The clean aesthetic eliminates the presence of clutter and brings the setting away from having knick-knacks.

    Monochrome Colors

    Minimalist environments promote a color scheme that consists mostly of whites, greys, blacks, and beiges. This constraint of color palette turns the spaces into a place where the focus is not too much on the colors of the minimalist items, thereby stripping away unnecessary attention.

    Scandinavian Minimalism

    nordic minimalist space

    The rise of both Scandinavian and Minimalistic Designs alongside each other along with the demand for simplistic interiors brought forth Scandinavian minimalism. With minimalism promoting function and Scandi design promoting beauty, Scandinavian Minimalism focused on the blend of utility and beauty.

    Functional Spaces

    Lightness in Function is at the heart of Scandinavian Minimalist interior design. The lightness in the spaces is brought forth by minimalist tendencies, leaving a lot of space in rooms, clearing clutter and at the same time, Scandi design facilitates these empty spaces to promote movement and energy. 

    natural nordic minimalism

    Natural Simplicity

    The Scandinavian minimalist design focuses on natural items, made efficiently with traditional materials. It focuses on the minimalist principle of finding simplicity as a response to countering over-consumption and over-processing.

    Why is Scandinavian Minimalism Popular?

    encouraging natural light

    Over the last two years, there has been a surge in the use of Scandinavian Minimalist Architecture in homes and office spaces. The reasons the style has become trending may be

    Encouragement of Natural Light

    Natural light has been an important aspect of Scandinavian Design due to the amount of sunlight that most Scandinavian countries can get in a year. The unique opportunity of having such natural light from the sun and moon encouraged homeowners to use light inventively. Wide-open windows, for example, are prized.

    With the world having had to move indoors, people have gravitated towards the need to experience and allow natural light into their homes as much as possible, thereby increasing the demand for Scandi interior design.

    Reduced Clutter

    Minimalism states that ‘less is more’. Reducing clutter is a great way to incorporate this into home interiors. Scandi minimalism applies this by showcasing fewer items on surfaces. Therefore, the items that are displayed are chosen with great care.

    Growing awareness of consumption habits has made people aware of the unnecessary clutter in their spaces, prompting them to move towards maintaining uncluttered spaces.

    Optimized Space

    Saving space through minimalism and turning small spaces into functional environments has gathered quite a following in recent years due to the clean aesthetic that presents itself when furniture and other items provide multi-functional uses.

    optimized spaces

    The Scandinavian minimalist design thus promotes the value of simplicity and quality in the spaces of a home, therefore influencing mindsets and moods to be in the same vein - uncluttered, clean, simple, effective, functional, and social.

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