Our Top Home Interior Trends for Winter 2022

Our Top Home Interior Trends for Winter 2022

As the year comes to a close and winter rolls around, homeowners and renters are inclined to feel like there needs to be a change necessary to their homes. With winter representing change, and embracing one’s roots, the interiors of a home need to follow styles that pertain to the seasonal mood. Here are a few trends that are sure to catch a few eyes this winter.

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Handcrafted Coziness

Using handcrafted objects in your home can introduce warmth and comfort to your living room and kitchen. The pieces can feature unique patterns of various items that can be made from wicker, resin, seagrass, wood, etc. Having handmade pieces in your home can paint a story of chicness and sustainability.

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Check out these Seagrass Baskets, perfect for organizing in your kitchen and dining room.

Boucle Cushions

Create spaces that really emanate modernity and luxury with Boucle threads in your cushions. Introducing Boucle can create curves, softness, and a feeling of comfort in your living room. They can also be used in the dining room, gallery, bedroom, or home office. It creates a warm, cozy feeling, especially in the winter. Having Boucle accessories in colors that evoke Winter and Christmas can help you set the vibe for the season.


These Boucle Cushions can go great on your living room sofa.

Lavender Colors

One of the prominent scenes that using Lavender as a color scheme can create is a calming, relaxing space. The colder months of the year are a time to unwind from the trials and tribulations of the year. Combining lavender with a soft neutral color palette creates a contemporary atmosphere.

lavender interior

Statement Mirrors

Huge mirrors with magnificent frames are an amazing way to take up space on the walls of your home. Having a mirror in a well-lit space creates a refined, luxe look that is gaining popularity in modern home interiors. It adds brightness and lightness to the space. Have the mirrors near sideboards, side tables, coffee tables, and shelves to enhance the space and soften the atmosphere using soft neutral furnishings like rugs.


Make your home look inviting with this Entryway Mirror.

Wellness emphasis

Post the global pandemic, more people have started to consider their personal well-being and health as a thing to take care of every day. As a result, there has been an increase in people wanting to better their spaces by making them work passively to create a healthy interior.

wellness interior

Hence the rise of interior green spaces, in the form of planters and succulents, both hanging and on surfaces. Plus, the green colors of the plant life are taken into consideration while planning home interior themes and styles.

Sentimental Objects

With the holiday season in full flow, the cheery spirit of the end of the year makes us think of the home we grow up in; makes us think of family. So it is only natural that we have things in our interiors that are of sentimental value to us.

sentimental decor

Not only would we have these items of sentimental value on display on shelves, this winter seasonal trend tells us to have them on full display, as centerpieces of our furniture.

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“Embracing the winter season with these home trends is a fantastic idea! The handcrafted coziness brings warmth and sustainability. Boucle cushions add modern luxury, especially when paired with winter hues. Lavender colors create a calming atmosphere, perfect for the colder months. Statement mirrors and wellness emphasis contribute to a healthier and inviting space. Including sentimental objects adds a touch of holiday spirit and family memories. For a comprehensive evaluation of your home, consider a professional inspection from Gulf View Inspections: https://gulfviewinspections.com/

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