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    An Ultimate Guide To Indoor Gardening For Beginners

    An Ultimate Guide To Indoor Gardening For Beginners

    An Ultimate Guide To Indoor Gardening For Beginners

    Nature is something that cannot be separated from human life. When it comes to nature, plants are one of the major resources. Most people love to have plants because it offers an appealing appearance and peaceful atmosphere. As per psychology, the green effect can reduce your stress and help you feel fresh. People have lots of reasons to grow plants such as a hobby, to produce organic food, as a childhood memory, or as an inspiration from the neighbor. But the space for gardening is the most common barrier for people living in urban areas. Due to urbanization, there is an increasing level of apartment culture which prohibits people’s love for gardening. Here is where you can benefit from indoor gardening which enables you to do gardening anywhere you want. Are you wondering to know more in detail? Then let’s go deep into the process. 

    What Exactly Is Indoor Gardening

    Indoor Gardening is essentially growing plants indoors! It can be as little as 2 plants or an urban jungle! It's all a beautiful journey of decorating, planting, and watching your plants grow - all within your limited space. With some understanding of essential factors like soil, temperature, humidity, sunlight, water, etc you can start your indoor gardening experiment with ease. If you have a small space with adequate sunlight, you are good to go! Plants that require less sunlight, can be placed in darker spots, whereas, plants that require more can be placed in direct sunlight - what's important is to mimic their original living conditions. Just like soil and sunlight, watering plays a major role in gardening. In fact - the highest cause of plant deaths is overwatering. You can build a watering schedule or opt for products like self-watering pots which can help you water your plants, even when you are busy or out of town. 

    Why It Is Essential?

    Indoor gardening not only aims to occupy your living room, but you can also place the houseplants anywhere in your bedroom, office, balcony, verandah, kitchen, window spaces, etc. The pleasure and excitement of creating an indoor garden cant be put in words. Everyone should have an indoor garden because it is one of the best stress-busters on a budget. As per the study conducted by the Journal of physiological anthropology, it is evident that growing plants can make you feel relaxed, natural, and comfortable. Researchers state that working with plants can help you overcome both physiological and psychological stress. But you should place real plants in your garden to obtain the maximum benefits. It also balances the external weather and internal mood swings. It supplies you with pure air and promotes a fresh environment. It's also a low-maintenance companion for people living alone in small spaces. Here are a few things that you should know as a novice gardener. 

    Know Where To Plant

    It is vital to note the condition and efficiency of your planting space for indoor gardening. You should also consider the basic requirements of the plants like sunlight, air, water, and temperature before planting to obtain a healthy result. You should also know how big the plant can grow and at what stage it can attain maturity. As a general thumb rule, you should allow the plant to express its nature. Talk to a plant-lover or a local gardener for understanding which plants suit your locality. 

    Understand Your Plants

    There are a tremendous amount of plants all around the world and even plants are like humans, they differ from each other. We’ve seen plants growing in a variety of regions like tropical, desert, and even marshlands - they all have individual identities. Based on its nature, the needs of the plant such as exposure to light, the requirement of water, temperature, and everything differs. 

    The first thing you must do after buying a plant is trying to understand its nature. You can get to know its nature by researching your plant’s characteristics using Google Lens or by asking an expert. 

    Know When And How To Water 

    The frequency of watering completely depends on the type of indoor plant.  Some plants like ferns need more water and some like aloe vera can grow enough with minimum watering hence,  watering should be done accordingly. Even plants like cacti & succulents that grow in the desert need watering on a weekly basis. There are a few varieties of plants like African violets that should be watered from the bottom because the leaves don’t prefer to stay wet. The temperature that houseplants will thrive in should be around 18° to 21°C. But, it can still adapt to the conditions based on your watering. Climatic conditions also affect watering, therefore always use gut, touch and feel the soil to check for moisture, and then water. 

    Final Thoughts

    We hope we have got you into believing that gardening is not as difficult as it sounds and you can start growing your little urban sanctuary within your apartment or balcony in no time! Just talk to your plants and the rest will fall in place. Happy Gardening!

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