8 De-Cluttering Tips to get your home Diwali-Ready

8 De-Cluttering Tips to get your home Diwali-Ready

As Diwali comes around, Indians worldwide start preparing for the grand festival by preparing their houses in anticipation of hosting Diwali parties on the day of the occasion. However, many people experience anxiety about having to declutter their homes to prepare for Diwali. If you’re looking to get your home Diwali-ready, here are a few tips to help get you started.

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Pace Yourself

Start at least 10 days before Diwali. It’s important to take your time with each cleaning and activity that you do. Schedule your time and take it room-by-room or even task-by-task. Do not overwhelm yourself with too much work to do in too little time.


Get help from your family to help clean the house. No one can do it themselves, so neither should you. Make the decluttering process a family activity that everyone in the house can enjoy and partake in together.

Reward yourself

Turn your decluttering activity into a game for yourself. If you’ve decluttered what you’ve set out to do for the day, reward yourself with something you love to do at the end of the day. You can get some sleep, or even get some cake.


Enjoy your Time

It’s easy to get frustrated when looking at a huge amount of clutter in front of you. So relax. Put on your favorite music. The best way to put your mind at ease is to not go for perfection but to go for the eventual mental peace at the end of the day.

Start with the most difficult declutters first.

Some boxes, drawers, and rooms are more difficult than others when it comes to decluttering. There may be some rooms in your house that have been accumulating clutter ever since you moved in.


Pre-Diwali days are the perfect time to get started on freeing up those spaces and in turn, freeing up your mind.

Empty the Drawer / Box / Room and keep them in a visible manner.

empty everything

Empty everything. Get everything in a room out of the cupboards and drawers and lay them all out in front of you. Coming face to face with all the clutter you have can feel exhausting and discouraging but it is a sure way to figure out a plan to decide what you want to do with all your clutter.

Sell, Donate, Discard, Keep.

A big obstacle people face when decluttering is trying to decide what to do with the stuff they have. One of the most popular methods to declutter is to organize the items in your room into 4 piles: Sell, Donate, Discard, and Keep.

Separating your items into these categories can help you decide what to do with each item you have. Organize as much as possible until you are satisfied with your segregation of the items.


With your Sell and Donate Piles, organize them into boxes that you can give away easily. Label the boxes by writing on them with a marker on sticking a paper label on them. Keep the boxes in a place where you can easily get them when you are ready to sell and donate.

When it comes to your Discard pile, make sure you check each item before you discard it. Segregate your discarded pile for plastic, paper, and electronic waste, and group each of these separately. When throwing away various waste uses, it is necessary to keep in mind what can be recycled, what is bio-degradable, and what can not be recycled or bio-degraded. You can also try to reuse as much of your plastic waste within different uses around your own home.

recycled clutter

Once you’ve sorted your Sell, Donate and Discard piles, it’s time to move on to the Keep pile. These are the things you are going to organize in your spaces. Before you start organizing, make sure to give your drawers, cabinets, and wardrobes a deep clean using appropriate cleaning liquids and dry them before you put anything inside.

Understand your routines and requirements and keep your frequently used belongings at the front, pushing rarely used items to the back (or bottom) of the storage spaces.


To organize your segregated items in your Keep pile, use baskets, organizers, shelves, and racks that take up as less space as possible but also can store a lot. You can use any of these items to help you organize:

 96 slot organizer 4tiermetalkitchenrack
veganmensvalet metalmeshbasket


A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place

Give every item a dedicated spot and maintain the place every time you use it. This will ensure your items will always be handy and visible to you.

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Those are all the tips we have for anyone who’s looking to declutter their homes in preparation for Diwali or any other festival that’s important to you. Or you can do it anytime you feel like there’s a lot of clutter piling up in your home.

Let us know in the comments about any tricks, hacks, and methods you follow for decluttering your home.

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