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    6 Premium Home Décor Items you can get for under ₹500

    6 Premium Home Décor Items you can get for under ₹500

    In the current market, most home décor is expensive, as people demand premium products and of course, the premium products are priced higher than most people’s budgets for home décor items. Even when you look at home décor products on online retailers and resellers and filter them by price, it is usually difficult to decide what to choose.

    Here we’ve listed 6 items that you can get to add a bit of pizazz to your home. We’ve also included links to each item so you don’t have to go looking for them.

    Terracotta Cement Planters

    terracotta plantersterracotta planter

    One of the major ways you can bring beauty into your homes is with the help of some greenery. With terracotta cement planters, potting and repotting a plant is very easy.

    Check this video to see how you can repot a plant:

    You can also find cement planters with traditional, historic designs on the outside that can bring your planter a rustic look.

    Get Aztec Print Terracotta Cement Planters here.

    Bottle Planter

    Speaking of having planters in your garden, an exciting way to present your succulent plants indoors is by using a bottle planter. Bottle planters are normal bottles that are reused by splitting them in a way to house soil and succulents. 

    bottle planter

    You can have these bottle planters hung from the ceiling or a beam or you can also have them just placed on a tabletop. Get premium Recycled Wine Bottle Planters for succulents here.

    Boho Canvas Prints

    canvas prints

    There have been loads of homes over the past year that have shifted to using canvas art prints instead of huge painted canvasses to showcase art on their walls. One of the reasons they have become so popular is the fact that you can save so much money on an art print rather than spending your home décor budget on a real painting.

    What is Boho?

    boho space

    Boho is a style of art that follows Bohemian culture and expression. Its laid-back ambiance is inspired by natural life, with strong patterns and vibrant colors such as browns, peaches, earthy reds, and greens used in the cabinetry and accents. The bohemian style is usually paired with minimalistic décor that consists of simple abstract shapes that sometimes overlap with bohemian styles.

    If you’d like to know how to make DIY canvas art prints at home, check this video out:

    If you are unable to make your own canvas art prints, click here to get 3 Unique Boho A3 Canvas Art prints.

    Wooden Beads Garlands

    The Boho interior design style is characterized by free-spirited elements that create a diverse style using a mix of cultural and ethnic representations. It is less orderly, with a mix of patterns and colors favored.

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    As part of the Boho décor trend that has taken over homes in 2022, garlands made from wooden beads have become really popular, showing up in multiple boho-themed spaces and living rooms as accessories used to accentuate their surroundings.

    wooden beads garland

    Get 3 wooden beads garlands in three different sizes here.

    Gold Cutlery

    When it comes to hosting guests at your home, you better be prepared for the eventual judgment that comes. One way to impress your house guests is with premium tableware for when they sit down to dine.

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    You can use premium serve trays, cutlery, and snack plates to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Premium cutlery is usually available within a budget. You can get cutlery that has a matte look or you can also go for cutlery that has pastel handles.


    Click here to get royal matte gold cutlery and here to get shiny cutlery with pastel pink handles.

    Bubble Candle

    Introduce ambient light and aroma into your spaces with candles and lamps. Small aromatic candles and tealight candles can help you build a room space that is aesthetically pleasing as well as aromatically attractive. There are loads of different candles on the market that can suffice but go for ones that add visual interest as well. 

    One such kind of candle is the bubble candle. They give off a premium look and can be placed on flat, horizontal surfaces easily.

    bubble candles

    Light up your home with these blue soy wax bubble candles.

    What else can I get for my home?

    With these home décor items, it is also important to get functional décor at low prices when you’re looking to stay within your budget when refurbishing your home.

    Click here to check out home décor and organization items that can be bought within a limited budget.

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