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    6 Genius Pantry Organization Ideas for your Kitchen

    6 Genius Pantry Organization Ideas for your Kitchen

    In the current time, it has become increasingly common to find homes where people have their pantries organized and neat. It has enabled women from all walks of life to take care of their kitchen spaces. It’s not easy to keep a pantry tidy, especially if there are a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of commotion coming from a large family. Keeping your pantry neat and organized can help you take control of the chaos and be developed into a healthy habit. It can also help you not stress about where things are in the kitchen.

    Within this list, we’ve compiled a few genius ideas to organize your kitchen pantry. You can easily set up a practical organized storage pantry system.

    Glass Jars

    glass jars

    Use jars made from clear, transparent glass to store your ingredients. It would help you reduce the visual mess, but it also helps you have a clear idea of where you can find your ingredients. The best place to keep these jars is at eye level. Keep frequently used jars at the front so you can access them easily. You can also see the quantity of the ingredients that you have available and consequently be prepared to restock when necessary. You can also use paper strips and label the jars so you’re able to get to your ingredient faster.

    PRO TIP: Label the expiry dates of each ingredient on the bottom of the jar.

    Get airtight buckle type of glass jars that are strong, and keep moisture off your spices and ingredients. 


    Cereals and Pulses dispenser

    cereal dispenser

    Using clear, compartmentalized dispensers to store your cereal and pulses can help you get just the right amount of cereal/pulses you need for your cook. Using transparent dispensers, you can recognize how much you have stocked and gauge when you need to restock it.

    Most plastic containers in the market are not food grade i.e., they are not suitable for food storage. At the same time, there is of course the existence of food-grade premium plastic in the market. Some of the benefits of using food-grade premium plastic dispensers compared to steel dispensers are 

    • Plastic dispensers are cheaper than metal dispensers
    • Plastic dispensers can come in different colors and shapes, making identifying the dispenser you want easier.
    • Plastic dispensers are more durable to drop than metal dispensers.
    • Plastic dispensers don’t conduct heat as much as metal dispensers, therefore protecting your cereals and pulses.
    • Plastic dispensers by themselves are lighter than metal dispensers.


    Kitchen Racks

    kitchen rack

    It is really easy to save space in your cupboards and shelves by using a kitchen rack. Kitchen racks are sturdy and can be used to store your glass jars, dispensers, sauces, oils, etc. Most kitchen racks come with a foldable feature that allows them to be folded and stored in a compact space when it’s not in use. Removable holders and hooks also come as accessories with the kitchen racks. The kitchen rack also has a strong frame and grippy legs to make sure the ingredients stored are safe.


    Wall-mount Racks

    wall-mounted rack

    Use wall-mounted racks and shelves to store your kitchen items such as jars, containers, extra cutlery, hand towels, oven mitts, cleaning supplies, etc. It is important that the wall-mounted rack be strong and sturdy to hold the weight of the ingredients stored on it. You can have the rack installed on one of your walls or on the fridge door as well. Installing the rack on the fridge’s empty space utilizes the fridge space efficiently. The wall-mounted rack can also effectively use tight spaces found in the kitchen.


    Hooks to hang utensils

    hook rails

    You can use cupboard hooks and hook rails to hang up utensils by their handles. Hanging your utensils helps to keep them off your shelves and drawers and declutters those spaces, allowing you to store your jars, and containers if need be.


    What to do with Extra Space?

    kitchen pantry

    After decluttering the entire kitchen, there may be spaces that you find in your kitchen that could be filled up. You can use these spaces to store your cookbooks and recipes. You can also use these spaces to keep indoor plants and refreshments for yourself and visitors to your kitchen.


    We hope the ideas mentioned above get used in your kitchen. Let us know through our social media if you found any of our tips particularly useful. We hope this article enabled you to get your pantry and kitchen spaces neat and organized.

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