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    6 Activities to get your Kids off their Screens

    6 Activities to get your Kids off their Screens

    If you’re constantly finding your children sitting or lying down looking at a phone or a tablet screen, and wishing beyond hope that they would stop looking at screens and do something else, this is the article for you. Though it may be tough to pull kids away from their screens, it is important to encourage them to find joy and experience life through other activities. Here are some fun activities that you can set your kids to do or even do with your kids to stimulate their brains and keep them busy and away from their phones.

    Getting involved in some Sports

    kid playing sports

    Yes, that’s right. Sports. There’s nothing like real-life sports that can get your kid’s energy up and running. Sports that enable the kids to run and move around a lot are especially good to get their blood flowing and activate the blood vessels going to their brains. 

    Playing Real-life Games


    Engaging your kid in various activities in the house can help them develop their cognitive abilities. For example, you can get them into doing puzzles and doodling. You could buy them novelty items like pendulums and teach them how they work. It is things like these that children find fascinating. Be sure to try to answer their eventual, curious questions or show them the way they can find the answers to their questions if you’re not sure of the answers yourself. Buy them a writing board on which they can learn to express their thoughts aloud. 

    You can also buy toddlers this cool Learning Crawl Mat.

    Reading some Books

    kid reading books

    Getting your kid interested in books may be a tall order, but if they do get interested, it’s going to be very hard to get them off an eventual reading habit. Getting kids books that are intellectually stimulating and educational can be helpful in increasing their knowledge of the world around them. Learning about different cultures and ways of different people can also enhance their knowledge of the world. If not all this, a well-written book can help to increase the vocabulary and language command of the kids.

    Go on a Walk

    kid and parent on a walk

    If you have some free time that you can spend with your kids, it is an amazing experience to take them along on a walk through your local neighborhood or to a local park. Conversations about life and the lessons it teaches are useful things to hear, especially for a kid in the developmental stages of their lives. 

    Growing by Gardening

    kid gardening

    If you have a garden at home, whether an outdoor garden or an indoor garden, it is an amazing opportunity to have your kid involved in the gardening process. Learning gardening skills can be a great way to make your kid active both physically and mentally. 

    Check out this Guide on Indoor Gardening

    Learning additional Skills

    kid painting

    Kids can also spend their time learning additional vocational and extracurricular skills such as learning to paint, learning new languages, etc. You can enroll your kids in a language learning class so they can learn new languages and learn to appreciate the ways that other cultures live. Language learning also helps to build the listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills of kids.

    Painting is another outlet in which they can find they have the skill of creativity. You can help them through this journey by supplying them with paints, brushes, easels, etc.


    As the strength of technology increases in this world we live in, it is natural that kids these days gravitate towards using screens a lot more than any generation before them. It may be challenging to break their habits, but it is our responsibility to guide them through using technology as sufficient as possible without having it lead to adverse health effects.

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