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    5 Refreshing Ideas to Style your First Balcony Garden

    When sitting in the midst of a developing urban jungle, it is easy to get lost in the steel and concrete surrounding you from all sides. In a way, this has empowered many people to transform their balconies into small gardens. It has turned many balconies into an outdoor space that looks like a slice of heaven. 

    One of the major myths that float around having an amazing balcony is that there is not always enough space. “The balconies that are on Pinterest are just much bigger than the one we have.” Well, we’re here to break that myth and say you don’t need a large balcony to amaze your guests with your balcony garden.

    You also need to know why you’re looking to upgrade your balcony. Are you looking to change your balcony into a transportative spot for meditation, or are you looking to make it a spot of beauty in your home? Is it a chill space where you can have a cup of tea and relax with your friends? Or do you just want to grow a lush garden with loads of planters and plants?

    balcony garden

    Some of the things you need to consider when building up your balcony are the wall colors, floor textures, curtains, furniture, and plants. You can also spruce up your balcony with decor and accessories. These accessories can be a gallery of pictures, mirrors, hanging planters and wall planters, hanging candles and decorative lights. 

    Considering your goals for your balcony and the aesthetic you’re looking for, here are some ways you can start your balcony’s journey into being an interesting and beautiful space. 

    Green! Green! Green!


    Planters and Pots are the most essential to have in any balcony garden as they are what make it a garden. You can use planters or pots made from clay, PP, concrete, or ceramic. At the same time, take care to place plants next to each other in such a way that they support each other as well as add to the aesthetic of the garden.

    You can grow flowers as well as vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, and chili peppers in your garden. You can also use self-watering planters and pots if you don’t have the time or the memory to water your plants regularly. 

    Check out our Guide to Indoor Gardening here

    The planters also need not be placed on the ground as they can also be hanging planters and pocket planters. Hanging planters with nails makes the wall more attractive and distinct because of the use of greenery to accent the walls. One way to make the plants stand out is to have wooden boards laid out horizontally to make up the balcony wall.

    hanging planter

    Pocket planters are an easy way to create a wall of plants that gives your balcony a lush look. The pocket planters can be filled with flowers, vegetables, and herbs of various varieties. It is also very easy to remove and replant any of the plants when you’re using a custom-made wall with shelves and planters. Having flowers filling your planters can make your balcony colorful and look very much attractive.

    pocket planters

    Furnishing and Floor!

    balcony with furniture

    Balcony Furniture is as important to consider as the furniture in the rest of the house. Furniture such as chairs, hammocks, tables, rugs, mats, pillows, cushions, etc.

    You can have your chairs set up facing out or towards a coffee table. The whole vibe is built for making you relax and to chat with guests over a cup of tea or coffee. A hammock can also be set up to hang in the balcony.

    You can furnish your floor using rugs and mats. You can also use floor pillows and floor cushions to create a comfortable setting.

    floor cushions

    It is also helpful if the furniture bought to furnish the balcony are foldable as then they can be easily put away if you want to make space in the balcony.

    Saving your skin with shade!

    bamboo blinds

    Blinds and curtains can be an amazing way to add separation between your home and your balcony. Using bamboo blinds can bring character to your balcony and give a nice, rustic look to your balcony before you enter it. The blinds also help you keep the dust away from the inside of the house and also control the amount of light that can come through to your home.

    Let there be Lights!

    decorative lights

    To bring out the brightness and enhance the look of your balcony at night, you can hang decorative lights from the balcony ceiling. The lights can bring an inviting and attractive vibe to your balcony that can make guests go “Wow!”. The lights can be shaped like outlines of shapes such as stars, or be normal bulb lights with a lampshade. You can also weave LED string lights along the balcony railing, going through your plants and other items.

    candle light holders

    You can use candle holders to hang candles from the ceiling of the balcony. It works as a lighting aesthetic and makes your balcony look alive after the sun has set. Use tealight candles to keep the decor minimalistic and simple. Using candle holders of different colors can help you bring a colorful vibe to your balcony.


    A Place for the Natives!

    bird feeder

    It has become a lot common to find birds in urban areas struggling to find a place to rest and feed. Adding a bird feeder to your balcony can help these birds find a bit of sustenance. It also helps you add some uniqueness to your balcony and get closer to nature and its sounds.


    In a very calming way, having a balcony garden can be a huge stress reliever and be a place of serenity and calm. Maintaining your garden is an activity you can do every now and then to rewind from your routine life.

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