3 Reasons why Indians are switching to using Glassware in the Kitchen

3 Reasons why Indians are switching to using Glassware in the Kitchen

In modern kitchens, more Indians are gravitating toward using glassware and ceramics in place of metal and plastic wares in the kitchen. But where has this change come from? The change to glassware as a major storage medium has brought about quite a few advantages, with the versatility of its storage purposes, merits over plastic, and simply, the aesthetic that it brings to a kitchen.

What can be stored in Glassware?

Glassware in the kitchen can come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the ways you use see glassware in the kitchen are

Jars and Containers

glass container

Glass jars are very helpful to store cooking spices and condiments in the kitchen. You can have glass jars close by on kitchen racks and shelves for easy reach.


glass dinnerware

Glass tableware is very beautiful and pristine to use for entertaining guests at home. For mealtimes, glassware can be plates, glasses, cups, coasters, bottles, and cutlery. The tableware needs to be stored away after use as it is better to have it stored in a closed, dry space rather than have it outside collecting dust.

Grinders and Shakers

seasoning shaker

Glass grinders and shakers can be kept either on the dining table or on the kitchen counter. The grinders and shakers can be used to store seasonings such as peppercorns, paprika, sea salts as well as regular salt and pepper. 


detox water glass dispenser

Glass dispensers can be used at parties and special occasions and events that you host. The dispensers can be used as water dispensers or even be used as beverage dispensers. Beverages such as detox water, juices, etc can be stored in the glass dispenser. After the party, clean the dispenser well to use on the next occasion.

Advantages of using Glass vs. Plastic

glass vs plastics

With the Single-Use Plastics Ban coming into effect in India on July 1st, 2022, there are many people wondering if switching to alternatives is a good idea altogether. Here are five advantages of using glassware rather than plasticware.

  • Health concerns

Using plastic containers such as tiffin boxes may cause health problems as heated plastic can make its way into the food, causing infertility, brain disorders, and even cancer.

  • Versatility

Glass containers can be used for storage, cooking, heating, freezing, and microwaving. It does not release harmful chemicals while heating.

  • Environment-friendly

Plastics are non-recyclable and cause air pollution when disposed of by burning. Glass products last longer than plastic products, and their recycling and upcycling processes are much easier to accomplish than for plastic products. 

aesthetic glassware

  • Convenience

High-quality glassware can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. They are easy to clean, reusable, and retain their clarity on usage.

  • Aesthetics

Glass containers come in different shapes and sizes and colors. The aesthetic quality of glassware also lends it a relationship with environmental lights that can make the glassware look very attractive.

Décor purposes

glass decor

Glassware can be used as décor in your home. Here are a few ways you can introduce glassware into your home interior design. The décor can be placed on shelves in the living room or gallery.

Best Practices for using Glassware

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use with the glassware at your disposal.

glass jars labeled

Label, Label, Label:

Label your glass jars and containers with names and expiry dates so that you can easily identify your ingredients and find out when you need to restock.

Remove Stickers from Glassware:

To remove stickers, use a hair dryer to heat the glass and then scrape the stickers away before the glass cools down.

Remove Smells and Stains from Glassware:

  • To remove smells and stains, dip a cloth in lemon or vinegar and wipe the glass before cleaning with water.
  • To remove salt stains off glassware, submerge the glass item in white distilled vinegar completely for an hour and then rinse the glass item with hot water.
  • To remove scratches from the glass, gently dab and apply some toothpaste to the glass surface with a rag. Repeat until the scratches can’t be seen.

Tips for Storing Glassware

  • Store your glassware on high, closed shelves as this prevents pets and children from reaching the glassware and dropping them.
  • The glass is better when stored after drying with a clean cloth as droplets of water or moisture on the glass surface can form stains when it dries up.
  • Store your glasses upside down. This is because the rim of the glass is usually the weakest part of the glass and it is better to keep it away from ground contact. This also helps to keep the inside of the glass dust free.

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The best aesthetics to pair glassware with are wood and ceramics. The accented finish of dining furniture made from wood, along with utensils made from ceramic porcelain and dining wares made from glass are a great combination that is both attractive, and not too flashy.

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