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12 Tips to Make your Home Office More Appealing

Modern office culture and trends have brought about a need to encourage productivity and efficiency, increasing the energy and maintaining positive vibes throughout the office space. Where you focus on your work has an incredible impact on how the work turns out. Therefore, your work environment, whether at a company or at home, needs to be organized and stimulating at the same time. So, having an aesthetically pleasing home office can help you focus and be more productive.

Here are some ways you can make your home office appealing.

Efficient layout

efficient home office layout

If you want to have an efficient working mindset, it is important to have a home office that is efficient in its layout. This means that you have your computer, your storage, your stationery, and work tools such as printers, copiers, etc. in the right place. Having the different parts of your home office in their place can help you efficiently get to what you need quickly and easily. 

Collaborative Spaces

conference call, creating a collaborative space

If you have a home office where you need to present yourself on a video conference call for long durations of time, have your video camera set up so that it captures an appropriate angle of you and your home office space. This collaborative space needs to be pleasing to the eye.

Adequate Light and Minimal Noise

Working from home can tend to have unexpected noise disruptions. Your home office needs to have an ample amount of light and as less noise disruption as possible. Having natural light in your home office can make you feel healthier and more productive. It is important to have noise-disrupting techniques integrated into your working environment. Walls and windows of the right material can be used to reduce noise interruption. 

naturally and artificially lit home office

Artificial light needs to be used where necessary. If natural light through windows is not enough to light up the room, then artificial light needs to be installed into your home office environment. The artificial light can be room lights installed on the walls or portable lamps that can illuminate the part of the home office that you need.

Keep your home office fresh


Using scented candles or room fresheners can help keep your home office atmosphere smell good. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when working. However, make sure the candles used are not overpowering and diverting your focus from your work. You can even use candleholders to make the office aesthetic more pleasing.

Efficient Storage

storage in home office

It is important to keep your storage separated from the rest of your home office. The storage needs to be organized appropriately. Books, documents, files, product samples, etc. need to be kept on separate shelves. It can also help to have bookends to neatly organize your books and documents. 

Organize your Stationery

stationery organiser

Over the course of your time working from home, it is safe to assume that there’s going to be a moment where you need to use a pen, pencil, or brush. You can use specialized organizers to store your stationery and use them when necessary. 


lumbar chair cushion

When you’re sitting at your home office for long intervals of time, it is important to take care of your back as not moving for so long can have adverse health effects. So, it can help to have cushions that can help ease your back. Lumbar chair cushions are especially useful to maintain a healthy posture as well. 

Portable Table

portable laptop table

If you’re someone who’s looking to work on the go, it would be useful to have a portable laptop table. A laptop table can be used when you’re away from your usual work desk at home. It can be set to an appropriate height as well. Having this on hand while at your home office can help you carry your work with you to other parts of the house and have a piece of your perfect work environment wherever you go.

Wire Organization

wires in wire sleeve

Having a lot of tech devices means there’s bound to be a multitude of wires that lead from your desk to your power sockets. You can use power junctions, wire sleeves, and bands to pull your wires under the table together to make the underside of your work table a neat affair. Making your wires come together neatly is often satisfying to notice and it also makes it easier to avoid a scrambled wire mess if you ever want to move your work-from-home setup. 

Writing Board

double sided writing board

A writing board, either a marker board or chalkboard, can be used to plan out your goals. You can write down ideas and plans. You can schedule out your day using your whiteboard as well as use it for logistical planning. A writing board essentially frees you from having to remember important information. Having information displayed in front of you helps to organize your thoughts and draw conclusions better. It also helps you to share your ideas with other people in your organization when on a video conference call.

Potted Plants

planters with flowers on table

You can use potted plants and planters to spruce up your home office space. Adding plants brings brightness and color to your home office while simultaneously providing fresh air through the power of plant life. You can even get self-watering planters so you don’t need to worry a lot about watering your plants. Plants also reduce noise levels and help to reduce stress levels. They also bring a bit of character to your home office, helping you build a personality while on video conference calls.

Water for Hydration

water pouring into glass, hydration

Throughout a long workday, tasks and activities can drain our energy and dehydrate us. Instead of taking frequent trips to the kitchen to drink water, it can help to keep up our daily intake of water by keeping your water bottle close to you within a hand’s reach. Being hydrated can give your mind the focus it needs to get jobs done. 

In so many ways, having an incredible work environment can provide you the focus to get your work done and drive you to success. Since it is potentially the space where you spend most of your time, the office space needs to be a place of inspiration and productivity. Having a clean office design space can help the mind relax and focus on the work that matters.

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