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    12 Gold Décor items to make your Home Shine this Diwali

    12 Gold Décor items to make your Home Shine this Diwali

    With preparations for Diwali starting all over India, we want to be ready when the auspicious day arrives. One thing that most of us wish for is to get our homes looking beautiful, lovely, and lavish. The first step in doing that is to clean our house and make it look neat and decluttered.

    gold decor in room

    If you’re looking to declutter first, read this first: 8 De-Cluttering Tips to get your home Diwali-Ready

    Once you’re done with decluttering and deep-cleaning and having your home look neat and clean, it’s time to start the decorations!

    Having shiny metallic textures in your home is one of the sure ways to make a space feel glamorous. Gold is one of those metallic textures that represents warmth, opulence, and happiness. Its yellow hue works well with fabrics such as velvet, leather, etc. Gold décor enhances and is enhanced by everything surrounding them.

    gold decor in room 2

    When introducing gold accents into a room, keep in mind that to maintain an aesthetic balance, having the rest of the colors of the room be neutral is essential. Making too many strong colors makes the vibe of the room too fussy and creates visual conflict and disharmony.

    There are quite a few health benefits to having the color gold at different spots in the home. Gold is believed to absorb negative vibrations and amplify positivity in your spaces. It can stabilize emotions, alleviate stress, and rejuvenate your mental faculties.

    Here are a few décor items you can get for your home to create a golden theme that vibes throughout the house:

    Dining Room Gold Décor

    3-Tier Marble Cake Stand

    The one thing any home that celebrates Diwali is sure to have is a collection of snacks and sweets to indulge in on Diwali day. A great way to lay out the snacks and sweets is on the 3-tier ceramic marble cake stand. Of course, the stand is not just for cakes. The three plates of the three tiers are made from ceramic with a marble texture and a golden rim. The golden rim on the plates really makes the cakestand stand out as a premium item for the dining room.


    Get the 3-tiered Ceramic Cake Stand here.

    Royal Gold Snack Trays

    When family and friends arrive as guests at your home after a long time or from out of town, bringing them snacks and sweets on royal gold-colored trays can help establish a mood of joy and makes people feel royal as well.

    royal gold trays

    Get the Royal Gold Snack Trays here.

    Gold-rimmed Marble Ceramic Tray

    Try out the Ceramic Gold-rimmed trays if you want to separate the snacks and sweets into different trays. Bringing guests sweets or snacks on this classy, regal tray makes them feel special and loved. The tray can also be used as a décor piece to carry and display premium décor items in your home.

    gold rimmed marble ceramic tray

    Get the Gold-Rimmed Marble Ceramic Tray here.

    Royal Matte Gold Cutlery and Pastel Pink Gold Cutlery Set

    The Royal Gold Cutlery is some of the best ways to provide a regal luxurious dining experience. The cutlery can have a matte gloss or can have pastel handles. You can get a whole dinner set or get individual cutlery items.

    matte gold cutlerypastel pink and gold cutlery

    Get the Matte Gold Cutlery Set here.

    Get the Pastel Pink and Gold Cutlery here.

    Table and Shelf Décor

    When it comes to gold décor, it is also important to have good lighting in the room. Having good light sources at appropriate angles near the décor creates a warm, unique glow from the décor and creates a classy vibe that is hard to beat.

    Table Top Leaf Décor and The Quiet Wizard Décor

    Get beautiful and intricate décor items for showcasing on your table and on your shelves. These items can be eye-catching and attract attention. The décor items can represent a fiscal, emotional, or sentimental value to you.

    gold palm leaf decorgold quiet wizard decor

    Get the Gold Palm Leaf Décor piece here.

    Get the Gold Quiet Wizard Décor piece here.

    Premium Gold Candleholders

    Being the festival of lights, you’re bound to have lamps and candles light up your house. Get these gold minimalist candleholders to support your pillar candles.

    premium gold candle holders

    Get the Premium Gold Candleholders here.

    Wall Décor

    Phases of the Moon Wall Décor

    Showing the different phases of the moon as it goes around the Earth, this piece of décor brings a unique vibe to your walls. Hang the gold pieces from a hook or nail in your bedroom, living room, or gallery, and watch it be an attractive conversation piece.

    phases of the moon wall decor

    Get the Gold Phases of the Moon here.

    Modern Gold Round Entryway Mirror

    Having practical functionality, having a gold-framed round mirror in the entryway of your house makes the home feel modern and welcoming. With a minimal gold frame and a gold chain as a sling, it is an attention grabber for guests arriving at your home to party.

    Check this out: 18 Easy Tips to make your Dinner party an Occasion to Remember

    modern gold round entryway mirror

    Get the Gold Round Entryway Mirror here.

    Garden Décor

    Ceramic Triangle Bands Gold Planter

    Why stop at your home when decorating for Diwali? Your garden needs some attention too! The Ceramic Triangle Bands Gold Planter looks great on your balcony and in your garden. With a 6-inch diameter, the planter is suitable to house large plants.

    triangle bands gold planter

    Get the Ceramic Triangle Bands Gold Planter here.

    Black and Gold Ceramic Hanging Planter

    The Ceramic Hanging Planter looks great with unique wavy gold designs on the planter. It is made from ceramic and can also be hung up in the living room or bedroom.

    black and gold ceramic hanging planter

    Get the Black and Gold Ceramic Hanging Planter here.

    That’s it! Place and light up diyas made from clay all around the house and watch your home turn magical with golden light. Make sure you accessorize with neutral colors and fabrics in your rooms.

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