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    10 Home Décor Instagram Influencers you Need to Follow in 2022

    10 Home Décor Instagram Influencers you Need to Follow in 2022

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    With numerous people hopping on social media to showcase home décor picks and home décor trends, it is easy to get lost in deciding who exactly has the expertise in selecting good quality décor and styling them to suit your spaces. Here, we present our picks for 10 Home Décor Instagram Influencers you need to follow in 2022.

    Preeti Prabhu: @preetiprabhudotcom


    Preeti Prabhu posts regularly on her Instagram profile @preetiprabhudotcom about home décor ideas and inspires home décor enthusiasts to hone their passion. She wants to help people make smart décor choices when out shopping for their homes and spaces. She also conducts workshops from time to time to educate people about home styling.

    Abhinav Yadav: @ _createyourtaste_


    Abhinav Yadav breaks the stereotype when it comes to Indian Home Décor Influencers. He is an avid gardening enthusiast and posts gardening styling tips and techniques on his Instagram. He also runs a store called CreateYourTaste where he sells handcrafted utility items and décor accents for homes and gardens.

    Follow Abhinav Yadav here: 

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    Sarabjit Kaur: @


    Sarabjit Kaur is passionate about home décor and presents various ways to style your home spaces using different décor products. She showcases her amazing ability to make multiple indoor rooms into green havens. She loves to integrate plants into her styling setups.

    Follow Sarabjit Kaur here: 

    Pinky: @pinkzpassion


    Pinky is a lover of all things vintage and antique. She features different ways to style rooms and corners with traditional religious brass antiques and idols. She also specializes in food styling and knows how to make food look good for the ‘gram. She also features a lot of natural light in her styling setups.

    Follow Pinky here:

    Rajee Sood: @rajeesoodhome


    Rajee Sood focuses on getting a boutique aesthetic for her home. She designs and curates collections of items that go well together by handpicking each item. She also sells her handpicked collections under the banner of ‘aboutiquehomestore’. Rajee says her brand is to create lovely home décor for a discerning lifestyle.

    Follow Rajee here: 

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    Rohina: @rohina


    Embodying the Instagram Entrepreneur, Rohina, in her own words, is an Interior Enthusiast and DIY Geek. She has also been featured in the Economic Times as a Rising Star. Based out of Mumbai, she posts various budget hacks and tips and DIY activities you can do for home and lifestyle improvement. Rohina also has her own Home Décor Store, AA Living, where the focus is on bedding, linen, and rugs. 

    Follow Rohina here:

    Rukmini Ray Kadam: @trumatter


    Also based out of Mumbai, Rukmini posts creative, easy-to-do ideas to make homes fit for cozy living. She also posts recommendations and gifts ideas to her followers. She posts regularly on her Instagram page, showcasing various ways to style your home into a comfortable, minimalist space. She also promotes décor that is sustainable, vegan, and homegrown. Rukmini also writes on her blog Trumatter, which has grown to become one fo the most influential home décor blogs in India.

    Follow Rukmini here:

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    Preeti: @noveltyandinspire


    Hailing from Bangalore, Preeti posts about Interior Design and DIY ways to style your products to turn your home and spaces into wonderful aesthetics. She also features various ways to makeover different rooms in your home. Preeti also shows various Décor picks that she loves to use in her home.

    Follow Preeti here: 

    Sharon D’Souza: @thekeybunchdecor


    An interior stylist, Sharon posts about her love for antique décor and textiles on her Instagram page @thekeybunchdécor. She also uses her blog to feature styling setups, restorations, renovations, and makeovers by various people. Sharon also makes lists of great online décor picks that she finds. She also designs vintage modern home décor products that are sold on her store.

    Follow Sharon here:

    Shatakshi: @diary_of_a_serial_thrifter


    Shatakshi is an HR Professional who also moonlights as an aesthete who seeks out Earthy and green spaces. She believes in the power of gardening to encourage slow living, mindfulness, and mental healing. She also features various styled green spaces in her home, creating pretty boho spaces that are cozy and warm.

    Follow Shatakshi here: 

    Whether you’re thinking of hiring an interior designer to style your home, or are planning on doing it yourself, these home décor influencers are sure to provide you with some inspiration and ideas about the possibilities of practicing premium home décor styling.

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